Ocean View's Retirees


SHASTA was our foundation breeding girl here at Ocean View Labradoodles and was a fantastic girl. Shasta is the mother of Cassie and Camille. After she retired, she went and lived as a companion to an elderly woman until her passing, and she now lives with her son.


PHOEBE was our second breeding girl and the foundation girl for our second line here at Ocean View. She is the mom of Juno, Penelope, Chewy, and Finn. She is now retired and lives here with us and is a great auntie to our puppies.


CASSIE is the daughter of Shasta and gave us some beautiful puppies. She lives with her guardian mom, Barbara, and our girl Merriweather in Gasquet.


TUCKER was our first stud dog here at Ocean View. He lived with us for a few years before he was retired and lives with his new dad.


CC was the first dog purchased for our program and joined our family when she was 8 weeks old. She gave us beautiful puppies and now lives happily with her four kids.


OLIVER lives in Bend with his guardian home and sired multiple litters for us. His puppies were amazing and he is the father of Juno, Penelope, Chewy, Lucy, and Finn.


CAMILLE is Shasta’s daughter. She gave us Doodle and Merriweather and now lives here with us at Ocean View and is Dad’s work companion.


Doodle is Camille’s daughter and lives with her guardian mom, a poodle, and a labrador.


Merryweather is another of Camille’s daughters. She is a fun bundle of energy and lives with her guardian mom and our retired girl Cassie.


Rusty is the stud we brought in to add some variety to our program. He has retired now and will be moving to Arizona.