Mini Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Mini Australian Labradoodle puppies posed by cart

Here at Ocean View Labradoodles we breed miniature multigenerational Australian labradoodles in the town of Brookings, located on the beautiful southern Oregon coast.

Why choose an Ocean View puppy?

We are not a kennel! All of our breeding dogs are beloved family pets and live in the house with our family or one of our Guardian Home families.

We use responsible breeding practices! ​

  • Our girls are bred only 3 or 4 times and then live out their days with their forever families. If a girl seems to have a hard time as a breeding dog, we retire her early. Our momma dogs’ health is our number one priority.
  • All of our breeding dogs will be retired by the age of 6, so the majority of their life is spent as a beloved family companion.
  • Our breeding dogs are all tested to the Golden Paw level standard of the ALAA to ensure healthy parents, which means you can feel confident that we are breeding to ensure the healthiest puppy possible for your family.

We support our puppy families! We communicate frequently with our puppy families during the buying process and are always willing to talk with you after. We love getting updates on our puppies throughout their lives as well!

We feed nutritious foods and treats! All of our breeding dogs and puppies are fed Life’s Abundance dog food and treats to assure optimal nutrition and health.

We offer a lifetime health warranty! With good nutrition, there is no reason why our puppies should develop any genetic health issues. Because of this, we offer a lifetime health warranty if you feed your pup Life’s Abundance dog food.