Bailey and Ginger are brother and sister.  It was a hard decision for us to make to part with them, but we know that finding loving, forever homes is what is best for these two.  They were born on 08/05/17 and have had all their immunizations, are spayed/neutered, doggy door trained, and crate trained during feeding time and at night.  Bailey is bigger than his sister, at about 15-16" tall and weighing around 25 pounds.  Ginger is is about 14" tall and weighs around 18 pounds.  They both have such amazingly loving and fun personalities and will make a fantastic addition to any family.

bailey and ginger just born 20170804_171000
Lucy 2 purple girl 11 weeks
Lucy 2 blue boy 11 weeks DSC_0623
Lucy 2 purple girl 9 weeksDSC_0940_edited
Lucy 2 purple girl 9 weeksDSC_0916
Lucy 2 purple girl 11 weeks DSC_0569
Lucy 2 blue boy 11 weeks DSC_0587
Ginger DSC_0175
Bailey left side DSC_0284
Lucy 2 purple girl 7 weeks head DSC_0390
Lucy 2 blue boy 7 weeks DSC_0528
Ginger back DSC_0246
Ginger right side DSC_0215
Lucy 2 blue boy 9 weeksDSC_1083
Lucy 2 ginger santa 2IMG_9460_preview
Bailey back DSC_0086
Ginger DSC_0125
Bailey front DSC_0283
Ginger front DSC_0236
Lucy 2 blue boy 7 weeks head DSC_0515
Ginger DSC_0138
Bailey right side DSC_0109
Ginger left sideDSC_0106
Lucy 2 blue boy 9 weeksDSC_1044
Bailey and Ginger go for a ride20170921_190230

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