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Ocean View Labradoodles

Miniature Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles

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Our Dogs

Our breeding dogs live as household pets, not kennel animals.  If they do not live with us, they are placed in loving Guardian Homes.  
At a minimum, the parents of our puppies have had testing done by OFA for hips and elbows and CERF and PRA for eyes.  Because of the extensive health testing we perform on all of our breeding dogs, the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) has awarded Ocean View with their Silver Paw.
Our Girls

Ocean View's Lillie
of the Nile  "Doodle"

Doodle is Camille's daughter and lives with her guardian parents in a little beach town north of us!  She is very cute and loves to cuddle.  She has an amazing personality, just like her momma.  Doodle also carries for parti.  We are looking forward to pairing her with a suitable boy for cream parti and mismark puppies!

Doodle's Page

Ocean View's Good Fairy  "Merry"

Merryweather is also Camille's daughter from her second litter with Tucker.  She is absolutely gorgeous and we can't wait to health test her and add her to our program.  Merry lives with and is adored by her guardian Barbara.  She carries for cream and phantom and has turned into a beautiful lavender as she matured!
Ocean View's Roman Goddess  "Juno"

Juno is our up and coming caramel parti girl from Phoebe and Oliver.  She is quite the character and likes to lounge as a cat on the back of the chair!  Currently she is living here with us at Ocean View.
Ocean View's Princess Penelope  "Penelope"

Penelope is a full sister to our Juno from a different litter, another caramel parti girl from Phoebe and Oliver.  She is such a cutie pie and lives with her guardian family here in Brookings where she is the cuddle buddy to an adorable little girl.

Ocean View's Loveable Lady Lucille "Lucy"

Lucy is our caramel girl from Cassie and Oliver.  Lucy's litter was Cassie's retirement litter and Lucy will carry on her lines, which we are very excited about! Lucy is an adorably sweet girl who is loved by her guardian home and love her boy.

Ocean View's Princess Tiger Lily   "Chewy"

Chewy is our upcoming hopeful!  She is an absolute joy to be around and loves everyone!  She lives with her guardian family and spends her days playing with the kids in the day care center her guardian mom runs.  She is the daughter from the last litter we had with both Phoebe and Oliver and will do an excellent job carrying on their lines in the upcoming years.  

Our Boys

Ocean View's Huckleberry Finn   "Finn"

Finn is our chocolate and white parti boy from Phoebe and Oliver's first litter.  He is a full brother to Juno, Penelope, and Chewy.  He lives in a wonderful guardian home here in Brookings where he is treated like the king of the place!  We have had two litters from him so far and are thrilled with the temperament and looks he is passing on to his children.

Ocean View's Tom Sawyer 

Sawyer is our newest boy out of Ocean View's Lillie of the Nile and Ladd Hill's Quixote.  He lives with a loving family here in Brookings, where he has three kids to play with and a standard goldendoodle brother who is willing to wrestle and lets Sawyer use him as a pillow!!  His family plans on training him as a therapy dog to help support families dealing with the loss of loved ones.  Sawyer has an amazing temperament and personality and we can't wait to see how his pups turn out!
Our Retired Doodles

Primetime Shasta Cream Soda  "Shasta"

Shasta was my foundation girl.  She gave us three wonderful litters and now enjoys retirement with her new family here in Brookings.  She is a very sweet and loving dog who enjoys cuddling up in someone's lap and getting tons of attention! 

Alpenridge Impressive Story  "Tucker"

Tucker is a miniature chocolate sable phantom and has a total teddy bear personality.  He loves to be with people and is very laid back.  He is also very good with the puppies.  He has given us some wonderful puppies with nice boning and wonderfully blocky heads and we are very excited to have had him in our program and are so thankful he has found a loving forever home!

     Visit Tuckers Page

Ocean View's Opening Act  "Cassie"

Cassie is from our very first litter here at Ocean View.  She is an adorable little girl with a charming personality.  She lives a half hour away with her Guardian Mom Barbara and her kitty friends.  Cassie carries for parti and cream, so we are hoping to add partis to our program with her!  Cassie gave us three adorable litters while she was here at Ocean View and now lives with her guardian mom and her niece Merryweather!

 Avonlee's Little Princess   "Phoebe"

Phoebe came to us from British Columbia and has been a huge part of the development of our program.  She is the most fantastic momma we have had and gave us wonderful puppies.  Her lines are carried on here at Ocean View by her son Finn and her daughters Juno, Penelope, and Chewy.  We will miss her amazing skills as a mom, but luckily are able to continue to enjoy her wonderful personality and quirky antics as she has a forever home with us here in Brookings!

 Alpenridge Jordache'  "Oliver"

Oliver is a miniature wool coat apricot.  He was on lease to us from Alpen Ridge Australian labradoodles and lives in Bend with his guardian family and is the center of their family.  He loves playing outside and going jogging and has an amazing personality.  Oliver has never met anyone he doesn't like.  We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to have him as a part of our breeding program and look forward to his offspring continuing his amazing lines in our program for years to come.

Visit Oliver's Page

Ocean View's Shimmering Cove  "Camille"

Camille is from our Fall 2010 litter, the second we had.  
She has the sweetest personality you could ever ask for.  Sometimes I feel like she thinks she is a human.  When we sit outside she will jump into one of the chairs and just sit eye to eye with us like she wants to be part of the conversation.  She is happiest when she can be with her people.  She follows right next to us when we are out in the yard and listens so well.  She gave us some beautiful puppies and we are happy that she passed her wonderfully sweet personality on to her pups and that her lines will continue with Merryweather and Doodle!  We will get to enjoy her antics for years to come, because she has a permanent home here at Ocean View and joins Phoebe, Maisy, and Daphne as the elders of the house.  

Visit Camille's Page